Cher discovered the camera and the magic it produces during her extensive travel throughout the world. She sees beauty all around her, whether the powerful muscles of a running horse, or the transformation of fur on a wolf from season to season, or a raindrop on a petal. She has been blessed with witnessing the incredible beauty of far away places in this unbelievable world, and has subsequently had the opportunity to capture the essence of this beauty in all these images.

Cher’s photography spans many continents and numerous countries, and has captured the moments every photographer dreams about; the glint in a bird’s eye, the capture of a salmon by a grizzly bear, the flight of a bald eagle, or the silent snow leopards playing in the snow.

Cher has traveled to out of reach remote locations only seen by locals and very few privileged photographers trekking great distances to reach them. Both in nature and in the studio, a story is created, and a memory brought to life to be subsequently immortalized.

Nature Photography